The health sciences and research expo is the largest scientific gathering on the University of Saskatchewan campus bringing students, staff and faculty from all facets of health science research areas. The expo seeks to promote future research synergism by providing a platform to researchers across several disciplines including but not limited to pharmacy, medicine, nutrition, nursing, dentistry, kinesiology, veterinary medicine, public health etc. The choice by the U of S AAPS chapter to participate in this event is coined out of its vision to be involved in platforms that encourage multi-disciplinary research.
The chapter was involved in scientific communication through poster presentation by various members of the chapter. The chapter also committed to this research expo financially (250 CAD). A 50 CAD MasterCard gift door prize was sponsored by the AAPS chapter. The AAPS chapter had a display booth at the event with representatives enlightening students about the benefits of joining the association. At the end of the day, the association was able to recruit two new postdocs and a new master student.


2017 pens
Promotional materials distributed at the conference
2017 pic May
A group of the chapter representatives at the booth
Dr. Wasan Keynote speaker
Dr. Wasan, Keynote speaker
Chapter members explaining their posters to colleagues and Faculty may 2017
Chapter members explaining their posters to colleagues and Faculty

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