Duties of the Officers and Chapter Guidelines

Duties of the officers and chapter guidelines as described by the operating guidelines issued by AAPS and U of S AAPS Chapter:

  1. ChairThe Chair shall represent or appoint a representative of the Student Chapter at AAPS meetings; direct the Student Chapter and preside at its meetings; appoint committee members and Committee Chairs as necessary. Chapter signing authority is upon the Chair.
  2. Chair-ElectThe Chair-Elect shall act as Chair in the absence of the Chair or as necessary.
  3. Vice ChairThe Vice Chair shall act as Chair if necessary.
  4. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall correspond with the Student Chapter members; record minutes and other actions of the Student Chapter; maintain records, minutes, documents, finances, mailings, program or meeting materials, and all other significant information related to the Student Chapter and ensure that updated material is shared with AAPS in a timely manner; coordinate communications regarding elections; and maintain financial records in association with the Chair-Elect . If  needed, this position can be separated in to two separate primary positions within the executive.
  5. Design and Media Officer (Secondary executive member: not included in the AAPS operating guide lines, but included in the U of S-AAPS operating guidelines): This role includes maintenance/creation of social media accounts (i.e. Facebook) as well as the AAPS U of S Chapter website with up-to-date photos, events, information, etc. Additionally, this role is responsible for the creation and design (if needed) of certificates, event posters and any other promotional material that are needed.
  6. Past Chair (Secondary executive member: not included in the AAPS operating guide lines, but included in the U of S-AAPS operating guidelines): The Past Chair will serve as a mentor (as needed) to ensure a smooth transition from one set of executive members to another. Depending upon the availability and necessity, the Past Chair will provide support, encouragement, and guidance for various chapter activities/ events, etc.

Additional Notes: Although there are different titles assigned for each executive member, the committee members have to work as a team in-order to function well and sustain the continuity of the chapter. Therefore, the individual descriptions may not be limited to one position. However, the chapter signing authority (for chapter related documents) is upon the Chair. Competition among the executive members is highly discouraged, while adequate communication, fellowship, understanding, commitment, integrity, diversity, equality, and cooperation are invaluably encouraged. Since the chapter is housed within the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition (CoPN), candidates for the Chair/Chair-Elect positions will only be accepted from graduate students within the college. At any given year 3/4 primary executive members should be from the CoPN. Any of the past executive members who are not part of the current executive team can provide (if needed) any support and encouragement. (Chair: Open to Graduate students; Chair Elect: Open to Graduate students; Vice Chair: Open to Graduate students; Secretary/Treasurer: Open to Graduate students/Undergraduate students; Design and Media Officer: Open to Graduate students/Undergraduate students – If there are multiple candidates, the chapter primary executive members may select/appoint the best suitable candidate for this position or include the position in the chapter general election; Sub-Committees within the UofS AAPS Chapter: Open to anyone interested – the chapter primary executive members may select/appoint the suitable candidates). The primary Executive Committee shall be composed of the 4 or 5 elected officers and Faculty Advisor(s). The Executive Committee shall be responsible for operating the Student Chapter on a day-to-day basis and for general leadership of the Chapter. Upon mutual agreement with the CoPN, the graduate office of the CoPN as well as other interested faculty members/ staff are able to provide suggestions and support if necessary. Additionally, a single person can not be involved as an executive  member (primary 4 or 5 positions) for more than 3 years (the Past-Chair position does not count towards this). If an executive officer (decided upon the majority of the executive committee and faculty advisor) choose to stay in the executive committee, the following should be followed: If the officer wish to stay in the current (previous year) position he/she can do so (up to 3 years),  If a position is open, the person who held the executive position just below that position could move up one position without an election (except Secretary/Treasurer and Design and Media Officer positions, which are always filled by a general election/appointment as mentioned above), If the Chair wish to stay in his/her position for another year, it is allowed as long as 3 year limit has not been exceeded.

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