Meet The Team


Stephanie Vuong

Stephanie Vuong grew up in Wadena, a small town in Saskatchewan. She is a graduate student obtaining her MSc. degree in pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan. She also received her honour’s degree in Toxicology in spring 2017 at the University of Saskatchewan. Stephanie’s research focuses on developing an analytical method and determining the age dependent oral pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol and Δ 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol. The end goal is applying her research to help develop a standard dosage regimen for children who are dealing with refractory epileptic encephalopathy.


Chair Elect

Mujtaba Badr

Mujtaba Badr, a PhD candidate at College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. He received his undergraduate degree from Philadelphia University, Amman Jordan in 2010. Later, he joined University of Petra, Amman, Jordan, to finish his Masters. He helped co-founding “Future Pharmacists”, a pharmacy student’s community in Philadelphia University. He was executive member in the first Pharmacy and Nutrition Graduate Students’ Council, UofS. In addition, he has experience as a Research Assistant at Petra University Pharmaceutical Center, Amman, Jordan, and as a Teacher Assistant at Al-Quds College, Amman, Jordan.


Vice Chair

Raj Rai

Raj Rai is currently a Master’s candidate in Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a Bachelor’s of Technology in Biotechnology from VIT, Vellore, India. He has also taken Marketing and Management courses from Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC, Canada in order to possess management skills along with technical skills and has had the opportunity to work in diverse industries such as in Wipro Technologies as a project engineer, Dell Inc, Shaw communications as a sales rep and finally Research Assistant at the University of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. Raj’s diverse experience, transferable skills, flexibility and tendency to take up challenging roles can help the chapter and himself to grow and be successful together.



Chukwunonso Nwabufo

Chukwunonso Nwabufo is currently completing his MSc program in Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan. Chukwu’s research is focused on the preclinical development of novel dimer compounds for Parkinson’s Disease.  Through this research project, Chukwu has gained expertise in drug metabolism, enzyme kinetics, high-performance liquid chromatography, bioanalytical method development and validation, analytical mass spectrometry, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of HPLC, drug discovery and development. Chukwu is a recipient of multiple scholarships and travel grants. Chukwu pioneered the creation of the drug metabolism discussion group site at the UofS College of Pharmacy and Nutrition to promote collaboration between the UofS and the parent drug metabolism discussion group in the United Kingdom. Chukwu believes that out of class pursuits are as important as core academic excellence for a holistic educational experience. This he demonstrated by taking up several leadership positions at the UofS. Chukwu enjoys playing table tennis, soccer, and poetry.



Saniya Alwani

Saniya Alwani started her PhD in Pharmacy with Dr. Badea in January 2018 at University of Saskatchewan (UofS) and was awarded Pharmacy and Nutrition PhD Graduate Scholarship. Saniya’s research work is related in designing Carbon-based nanocarriers for Gene Delivery. Recently, she received Young Scholar Award by Elsevier’s conference committee for “29th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials”. Saniya has also earned other academic recognitions during her M.Sc program at U of S. Currently, she is also working as a community pharmacist. Moreover, Saniya also holds the position of Treasurer with Pakistani Students’ Association (PKSA) at U of S.


Design and Media Officer

Aigbogun, Omozojie Paul

Aigbogun, Omozojie Paul is currently pursuing an MSc in Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Science from Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria. He graduated top of his class and also received award as the “Most Resourceful Student” of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Paul worked for a year as a Laboratory and Teaching Assistant in a college in Nigeria before moving to Canada to begin graduate studies. His research is being co-supervised by Dr. Ed Krol and Dr. Chris Phenix and it involves design, synthesis and evaluation of novel imaging probes for Parkinson’s Disease. Paul enjoys playing basketball, blogging, reading, and listening to music and motivational talks.



Past Chair

Franklyn De Silva

Franklyn De Silva is pursuing his PhD in Pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. He has a ASc in Biotechnology (Honors) from Ellsworth College, Iowa USA, BSc in Biotechnology and Chemistry, and MSc in Biology: Cell Biology  & amp; Molecular Pharmacology from West Texas A&M University USA. He has completed an internship training in animal models, autoradiography, and confocal microscopy at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center USA.  Currently, Frank is the Past-Chair of the U of S American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Student Chapter. He served as the Chair (2017 – 2018) and Vice-Chair (2016 – 2017) of U of S AAPS, where he has contributed immensely to the progress and continuity of the chapter.  Frank has received several academic and travel scholarships including the Apotex Canada Academic Scholarship, John Larson Cancer Research Trust Scholarship, and Shoppers Drug Mart Dean’s Trust Scholarship.  Frank is supervised by Dr. Jane Alcorn. His research involves molecular signaling and cellular processors in diseases with dysregulated proliferation as well as mapping pathways and processors targeted by mammalian lignans in order to gather translational evidence for the utilization of flaxseed lignan enriched products as adjuvant therapy for cancer.



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